Absolute Appraisal Service, Inc

We are residential real estate firm that specializes in the smaller West
Texas communities. Our company provides appraisals to banks, mortgage
brokers, home owners, and other clients. Residential real estate
appraisals are used for mortgage lending, asset management, estate
liquidation, PMI removal and valuation for purchases. See our COVERAGE
AREAS page for a complete listing of the areas served by our appraisers.
Appraisal reports can be delivered traditionally through the postal service or
electronically transmitted through the Internet (EDI). You can order
appraisals by calling the office phone (432) 394-4713, by fax (432)
394-4493 or by using the online ORDER FORM. We are committed to
providing appraisal reports that adhere to industry standards and in a
professional manner on a timely basis.
We have a dedicated staff
We've been in business for over 8 years
Give us a call at (432 394-4713
Contact Us:

Please contact us angel@absoluteappraisalservice.com if there are any
questions about our services.
Absolute Appraisal Services, inc
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